SCORE & US Sikhs elated at Barack Obama’s re-election

Washington, USA: Sikhs across the United States have expressed their elation at President Barack Obama’s re-election. Dr. Rajwant Singh, Chairman of the Sikh Council on Religion and Education (SCORE), said, “We are pleased with the results of these hard fought elections. This is especially great for the Sikhs because Obama has demonstrated in the last four years that he has deep respect for the Sikh faith.

“He has strong commitment to protect the civil rights of the Sikhs in the US and has gone an extra mile to stand by the community in the aftermath of the Wisconsin gurdwara shootout.”

Obama was the first US President to host the celebrations of Guru Nanak Dev’s birth anniversary at the White House. He had also lowered the US flags, an unprecedented step, to convey the message of solidarity and sympathy of the entire nation for the Wisconsin Sikh victims, he added.

Dr. Singh further stated, “We are hopeful that President will guide this nation to financial solvency and will tackle the critical issues of immigration reform and climate change.”

Dr. Darshan Singh Sehbi, an active Sikh physician from the battleground state of Ohio, while sharing his personal thoughts and said, “His second term as president of the United States gives people of all colors, young and old, from any background or social class the message that if you set your eyes on a goal and work diligently to achieve it, no one can stop you from reaching it. For ages to come, President Obama, through his achievements, will remain a beacon of hope and inspiration for people around the world, showing them the path of honesty, openness and perseverance.

H e added, “I wish him well and pray that he achieves bipartisan support to tackle difficult tasks like the “fiscal cliff”, improve the economy, reform immigration laws and continue with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act while continuing to keep the US safe from radical elements.”

Dawinder “Dave” S. Sidhu, an assistant professor of law at the University of New Mexico School of Law, expressing his joy and said, “One of the overlooked successes of the Obama administration has been a reinvigorated civil rights division within the Department of Justice, a division that should be credited for providing more robust enforcement of our federal civil rights safeguards. President Obama’s reelection will allow this division’s important work to continue.”

“The Sikh community received an outpouring of support in the aftermath of the shooting at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. President Obama, the First Lady, and Attorney General Eric Holder in particular should be commended for their efforts in helping the community recover from this terrible tragedy.”

“The ultimate victor last night was the American democratic system, which for over two hundred years allows the public to select their leaders and hold incumbents to account. The smooth transition of power, reflected by Governor Romney’s concession, further affirms the wonderful system our founders gave us.”

Devinder K. Singh,President & CEO, AMDEX Corporation, and board member of EcoSikh, said, “We are thrilled that President Obama will continue to lead the nation for next four years. His presidency will continue to pursue ideals of liberty and justice, which have guided this nation.

She added, “Congratulations to President Obama for a well deserved victory. It validates the people power. Our Sikh community is proud to be a supporter of Mr. Obama and looks forward to the his promotion of important public values, such as justice, freedom and equality that are essential to a good society.”

Dr. Jasbir Singh Kang, an active Sikh leader in Yuba City and an official of the Punjabi American Heritage Society, said, “We are blessed to re- elect a President who has brilliant mind and heart with a compassion. I am very optimistic that he will unite and rally all Americans under his leadership.”

Gurvendra S. Suri, C.E.O of Optimal Solutions, a prominent entrepruener in TX, said, “Congratulations to President Obama on his reelection. I pray and humbly wish that everyone gets united under President and all our elected officials including President start governing as Americans for America rather than Democrats or Republicans for the benefit of their respective party.”

Amar Sawhney, President and CEO of Boston based Ocular Therapeutix, Inc. and a board member of EcoSikh, said, “I have been a strong supporter of President Obama since his policies and actions have been directed towards inclusiveness and benefit more than the few. This is the spirit embodied by Sikh too who believe in, wish and pray for the good of all living beings and not only Sikhs themselves. This message has resonated with me and having had good fortune with God’s blessings, long ti I wish to help others where and when I can”.

Sartaj Singh Dhami, an active Sikh youth leader in Washington and an Outreach Director of SCORE, said, “With President Obama recognizing verbally Guru Nanak and Guru Hargobind shows his willingness to understand the diversity of America, and with this Sikh Americans congratulate President Obama’s reelection.

As the strongest President to date who has worked to highlight all issues for all minorities , Sikh Americans congratulate President Obama on his reelection. May Waheguru bless the President to continue to guide him to lead the Country in the right direction so that all minorities truly feel as equals in this great nation.

“The reelection of President Obama fills me with hope in a time of great challenge,” said Valarie Kaur, Sikh American activist and director of Groundswell at Auburn Seminary, “We have just endured the most expensive and divisive campaign in recent U.S. history. But today, we have the opportunity to reach out with compassion to those whose vote differs from ours, renew our commitment to repair our nation together, hold our elected officials accountable, and equip a rising generation, including Sikh Americans, to lead in the next four years.”

Rana Sodhi from Phoenix, Arizona, and brother of late Balbir Singh Sodhi, said, “It is an honor once again to have Barack Obama as our president. Last night, I was so ecstatic to see the greatest thing to happen in our nation’s history. But, whether he won or not, we must remember that in the end we are all Americas seeking improvement for our country. I wish President Obama the best of luck and I am confident that our country will slowly move forward.”

Navneet S. Chugh, Managing Director of the Chugh Firm, a Los Angeles based largest Indian law firm and president of the Santa Ana Orange County Gurdwara, said, “I am happy that Obama got elected. Anyone who can win this kind of election deserves to be president. Although Romney would have been just as good for the country. Obama had promised immigration reform last time but did not or could not deliver it last time. Could not because of the recession, since the country would not have been in the mood to do anything for immigrants given that so many citizens were out of jobs.

There are 15 million illegal immigrants in USA. There are 300,000 Indians who are illegal in the USA. They are living life in the shadows even though they are good people, work very hard and doing jobs that citizens don’t want to do. It is not fair that five percent of the country lives a second class citizen’s life in the greatest country on earth. I am convinced an immigration reform will have happen in the next 18 months, and the lives of the 15 million illegal aliens will change dramatically for the better. An Amnesty is long overdue. Even if it is not full amnesty, people who are in the country for some period of time need to be given full legal status for their sake and the sake of the country.”

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