Schools pledge to celebrate eco-friendly Gurpurb

Ludhiana, Punjab: Schools of Ludhiana today pledged to celebrate Guru Nanak Dev’s birthday in an environment-friendly way with a special focus on curbing the garbage output. The schools took this step after various non-government organisations motivated them.

The schools will promote the use of steel or other reusable cutlery instead of non-biodegradable Styrofoam and other disposables, which are common in langar distribution, during the Gurpurb celebrations at the school level.

Office-bearers of Ramgarhia Educational Council, Guru Nanak Public School, GGN Public School and Nankana Sahib Public School shared their vision of green Gurpurb celebrations today with EcoSikh, VMAD and Young Flares – non-government organisations.

EcoSikh India Project Manager Ravneet Singh said: “As per the current Municipal Corporation figures, Ludhiana produces 968 tonnes of garbage everyday, 60 per cent of which is non-biodegradable Styrofoam or plastic. EcoSikh’s Green Gurpurb Programme can definitely help in reducing the garbage problem in the city. It provides a platform to all educational institutions to lead as messiahs of change and foster eco-friendly celebrations of Gurpurb.”

While congratulating the schools, Ranjodh Singh, EcoSikh Punjab Convener and president of Ramgarhia Educational Council, said: “The initiative taken by the city schools is praise worthy. We appeal to Sikhs in every part of the world to renounce the use of disposables and switch to reusable steel thalis/plates and make their Gurpurb celebrations nature-friendly.”

Jagtar Singh, General Secretary, Ramgarhia Educational Council, said: “The institutions that are being run under Ramgarhia Educational Council will introduce steel thalis or reusable crockery in Gurpurb celebrations. We will put maximum effort in the eco-friendly celebrations.”

Jasbir Singh, Chairman, Guru Nanak Public School, said the school will put in its best efforts to minimise Styrofoam garbage and would only use steel or other reusable cutlery for langar during the Gurpurb celebrations at the school on November 13.

Founder and Director of VMAD Baljit Kaur also shared the way their organisation, along with Young Flares and EcoSikh, has been instrumental in promoting environment-friendly nagar kirtans by cleaning up the trash that processions generally leave behind. This month the trio would be organising four major nagar kirtans in the city.

Source: The Tribune

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