Punjabi cinema plans to highlight 1984 Sikh genocide in its own way

Jalandhar, Punjab: Punjabi film industry seems to have been commemorating the 30th anniversary of 1984 issues, including Operation Bluestar and the Sikh massacre in New Delhi in the wake of assassination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, by making films.

Two films have been already made on the issue so far this year. The Central Board for Film Certification in India has reportedly refused to issue a certificate to one of these films, “Kaum De Heere”. The other one, “47 to 84”, was released on May 30 following some issues with the censor board. It is doing good business.

Some more films on the same issue are also set be released this year. These include “Punjab 1984”, “Gaddaar”, “Kaun Kare Insaaf”, “Dilli 1984”, “Lather Life” and “Blood Street”.

Writer of “47 to 84”, Babli Singh said earning revenue was not their aim as it had been already announced that the amount would be distributed among widows of 1984 victims. “The film is based on my personal experiences as I have been one of the victims of 1984 Sikh massacre,” he added.

The film was not made with an intention to release it this year. It was set be released months ago. However, it got delayed as the Central Board for Film Certification in India issued the certificate late. The only purpose of the film was to let the younger generation know about the sort of circumstances the Sikh community had gone through.

“Punjab 1984” will be released on June 27. Director of the film Anurag Singh said making profit from this film was not the idea. “We are doing this film because our sentiments are with the issue. It has been a coincidence that the film is going to be released this year,” he said.

He said the film depicted aftermath of the episode, including suffering of women and children due to these developments. “It is the story of a mother, who has to run from pillar to post seeking justice. As I said, making profit was not our motive, we are planning to do something for the victim of 1984, if the film does good business,” he added.

Baljit Singh is planning to release his film “Kaun Kare Insaaf” in October-end. He said his film would sound a caution to the system that anarchy would prevail if the justice system collapsed. Since justice has not been delivered to the 1984 massacre victims, what the system expects them to do? “Through this project we want to create a dialogue to address the issue,” he added.

Amitoj Mann’s “Gaddaar” would be released around Diwali. He said some 1984 incidents were depicted in the film, but it was not entirely based on that issue.

Source: The Tribune

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