Phoolka Demands Cabinet Minister Madan Mohan Mittal’s Resignation

Ludhiana, Punjab: Mr H.S.Phoolka demanded the resignation of Mr. Madan Mohan Mittal, Industries Minister of Punjab. He said that recent statement of Mr. Mittal in response to the Industrialist’s demands is highly shocking.

Mr. Mittal, while referring to their demands at Maharaja Regency, Ludhiana, said that since Akali-BJP candidate from Ludhiana has got much less votes than others, Congress has won and even Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has secured more votes, how can they demand anything from Akali-BJP Government.

Mr. Mittal said in Punjabi , “Jinah Gur Paongay una mitha hovega”(more sugar you will add, more sweetness you will get). He admonished the industrialists for not voting in favour of Akali-BJP candidate and further stated that Ludhiana industry should not have any expectations from his government now.

Mr. Phoolka said that such statement by a senior minister of the state is highly shocking, deplorable and unconstitutional. Such a person should not remain the industries minister. He demanded that the person who does not follow democratic principles should be removed from the cabinet.

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