Pakistan Sikhs head terms visa allegations ‘baseless’

Lahore, Pak: The Head of Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee Sardar Shaam Singh has dismissed all allegations regarding biased visa policy of Pakistan with reference to Sikhs.

In a statement issued here on Thursday, he said that the Pakistani High Commission had always provided visas to Sikhs on emergent basis. He said the statements of Indian Shromni Gordwara Parbandhak Committee were based on prejudice and aimed at getting attention through controversy to mask their own incompetence.

He said that, according to the agreement between Indian and Pakistani High Commission, the Sikhs Yatrees needed to apply 45 days prior to the date they wished to travel across the border. They also needed to submit their passports and all relevant document 45 days prior.

However, the Indian High Commission and Indian Committee side submitted the documents two days prior to the date, he said. The Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry repeatedly wrote reminders in this regards which were ignored by the Indian High Commission and the Indian Shromni Gordwara Parbandak Committee, he added.

He mentioned that, this year, as many as 1,560 applications were submitted with a majority of them post the required date, but the Pakistani High Commission had provisioned 1321 visas, nevertheless.

He said that Pakistan hosted thousands of Sikh Yatrees every year and they were treated with the highest order of hospitality and facilitation. The Indian side, instead of being thankful for this wonderful gesture, were busy in levelling baseless allegations to hide their own lethargy and inability to comply with the mutually agreed procedural requirements.

Source: The Int News

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