Nishan-e- Sikhi’s students to research life of Sikhs in MP

Khadoor Sahib, Punjab:  Thirteen students pursuing postgraduation at the local Sri Guru Angad Dev Institute of Religious Studies have left for Madhya Pradesh under a special project to propagate Sikhism as well as collect information regarding life and development of the Sikh community residing in that state.

This institute is run under the banner of Nishan-e-Sikhi charitable trust, whose chairman Baba Sewa Singh is a noted environmentalist and religious preacher.
Institute director Piara Singh said that in one month, the students would visit Gwalior, Dabra, Mohna, Hargobindpur and few others with sizeable Sikh population.

Institute chairman Waryam Singh, who would oversee the project, said that students would do research and prepare daily reports about their working. “Our institution would try to plan this kind of projects in other states also in the future,” he added.

Source: HTC

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