NDP sports critic Matthew Dube on Canada’s bronze medal victory at the world Kabbadi Cup 2012

Ontario, Canada: On behalf of Thomas Mulcair, Leader of the Official Opposition and the entire New Democratic Caucus, I congratulate Team Canada for their bronze medal victory at the World Kabbadi Cup, on December 13th at the Guru Gobind Singh Stadium, Jalandhar, Punjab.

The entry of many new international teams, including a women’s category is exemplary of kabbadi’s international appeal and growth.

In particular, the growing popularity of kabbadi in Canada, reflects the rich diversity of our country through sport as a world leader in the international kabbadi scene.

New Democrats are especially proud of homegrown talent such as Ravi Sarai who serves as inspiration to many young Canadians and aspiring kabbadi players.  We are also proud to  see Canadian players competitively playing Kabbadi on an international stage.

We look forward to watch the continued growth, development and success of kabbadi in Canada.

On behalf of New Democrats, I again, pass on my warmest congratulations to Team Canada and for making this nation proud.

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