Litterateur pens books on Panj Pyare

Ludhiana, Punjab: Books on the lives of Panj Pyare—the five beloved ones, who offered to sacrifice their heads and were later baptised as the first members of the Khalsa, have been penned by Beant Singh.

The writer said although several books and “granths” have been written on the five beloved ones, his books were written after 10 years of extensive research.

He referred to more than 31 historical texts including Panth Prakash, Soobha Prakash and Bansali Nama besides other available records, he said.

On the reason why it took so long to bring the life of the Panj Pyare to the fore, he said most of the historical texts on Sikhism were recorded in the form of poetry, written in different languages including Brij and Persian. “At times, translating one page took an entire day,” he said.

A lot of other historical texts remain unknown to the current generation because no one has paraphrased or translated them for this very reason, he said.

Beant Singh has written more than 10 books, including books on Guru Granth Sahib, Bhai Taru Singh and festivals of Lohri and Maghi.

The books on the five beloved ones are titled “Daya Ka Poot” (on Bhai Daya Singh), “Dharam Dhaam” (on Bhai Dharam Singh), “Raj Karenge” (on Bhai Himmat Singh), “Avar Na Dhiaoun” (Bhai Mohkam Singh), “Sir Saunpiye” (on Bhai Sahib Singh).

He has also written a book in Hindi, titled “Nyare Paanch Pyare”, on all the five beloved ones.

According to the book, Bhai Daya Singh was born in Lahore, while Bhai Dharam Singh was born in Meerut.

Bhai Himmat Singh was born in Jagannath Puri (Odisha) and Bhai Mohkam Singh at Sri Dwarka Buriya (Gujarat). Bhai Sahib Singh was born at Bidar, Nanak Jheera, that is situated in South Karnataka.

Source: The Tribune

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