Haryana notifies Sikhs marriages under Anand Marriage Act

Chandigarh: Haryana government today said it has notified the Anand Marriage Registration Act, 2014 for the registration of marriages of Sikh couples under the Act in the state.

“For the purpose of registration of ‘Anand Marriage’ within the state, the revenue officers concerned in case of rural areas and the Joint Commissioner concerned in case of Municipal Corporation are authorised as Registrar within their respective jurisdiction,” a Home Department official said here.

“While the Executive Officers concerned for the Municipal Committee and the Secretary concerned of Municipal Council in Urban areas are authorised as Registrar within their respective jurisdiction,” he said.

The Anand Marriage would be registered with the registrar within whose jurisdiction such marriage is solemnised, he said.

Sikh groups have maintained that members of the community face problems abroad as their certificates are issued under the Hindu Marriage Act. Sikh marriage ceremonies are generally known as ‘Anand Karaj’ (blissful event).

Source: Zee News.India.Com

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