Harjeet Singh needs your help

seva84-harjit singhYoung Harjit (from 1984 genocide affected family) was admitted to hospital as he was vomiting followed by agonising abdominal pain. Doctors informed the family that Harjeet has a highly inflamed appendix which needed to be removed before it bursts. An operation was conducted; following this Harjeet is currently in intensive care and his family can not afford the costs.

With Guru’s Kirpa, following a successful operation Harjeet is now going to be taken out of intensive care and placed into a general ward later today. The medical costs of Harjit whilst in intensive care amounts to 5000 rs per day plus operation costs.

The total hospital bill is at 54,260. Seva84 is raising £550 to meet the costs of Harjeets Operation as their family are from an economically weaker section of society, and living below the poverty line due to the events of the 1984 Genocide.

Please help Seva84 raise £550 for Harjeet Singh

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