Fifth Annual West Coast Sikhi Camp California to Take Place in December

California, US: The fifth annual West Coast Sikhi Camp (WCSC) is taking place again this year from Dec. 26 to 29, 2013. For three nights and four days Sikh youth from all over California and other parts of the country will come together to connect with thier Sikh spirit through sangat and veechar.

Founded in 2009, WCSC provides a unique camp experience for today’s Sikh youth – recognizing their changing needs. WCSC focuses on teenager and provides a forum for disucssing Sikhi related topics that high schoola and college aged Sikh youths face daily. We aim to provide well-articulated talks and discussions in English that engage the campers, all the while having fun. The main idea is to make everyone feel welcomed and be part of their Sikh community.

The West Coast Sikhi Camp arose from this dire need of addressing the most important of age groups. It was recognized that the teenage Sikh group’s needs had to be addressed to stem the tide of our youth drifting from Sikhism. Many times, these young Sikhs feel neglected as the Gurdwaras and other Sikh institutions are not able to handle their needs and concerns.

For more information about the camp and to register, please visit our website

west coast sikhi camp 2013

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