Eminent Sikh scholar Kahn Singh Nabha remembered

Bathinda, Punjab: The Centre for Comparative Literature at the Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, on Monday conducted literary lecture in remembrance of the eminent Sikh scholar and writer Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha.

Widely known as the author of Mahan Kosh, the encyclopaedia in Punjabi that was published in 1930, Bhai Kahn Singh was born on August 30, 1861.

Bhai Kahn Singh helped British administrator Max Arthur Macauliffe in Rawalpindi in 1885 in research on the Sikh religion and Guru Granth Sahib. Bhai Kahn Singh also published Nanak Bhavarth Dipika (1888), Ham Hindu Nahin (1898), Gurmat Prabhakar (1898), Gurmat Sudhakar (1899), Gur Gira Kasauti (1899) and Sharab Nikhedh (1907).

As an administrator he began his career in 1880, when he started working for Nabha state. He held administrative positions that included City Magistrate, Nazim, Mir/Munshi, Nehar Nazam. Because of his ability to sort out problems, he was also given other responsibilities that included being a foreign minister, a Judge of the High Court and member of the Judicial Council. He compiled Gurushabad Ratanakar Mahan Kosh from 1912-1930. Mahan Kosh, as it is commonly called, has 64,263 entries and is well known for pithiness and accuracy. Bhai Kahn Singh passed away on November 23, 1938.

Eminent scholar Jagmail Singh Bhathuan who has done a lot of research on Bhai Kahn Singh spoke about his teachings and his contribution in detail. Prof. JS Grewal, former Vice Chancellor, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar expressed pleasure at the recognition being offered to such a stalwart and also spoke about his contribution to the culture of Punjab.

Major Adarsh Pal Singh, the grandson of Bhai Kahn Singh showed pictures from the life of Bhai Kahn Singh and spoke about various aspects of his personality. A documentary on the life and works of Bhai Kahn Singh was also shown. Prof. RG Saini, Professor in charge Examinations, Zameerpal Kaur, officiating in charge of the centre conducted the program.

Source: TOI

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