Emergency Drought Legislation Developing- You Have 24 Hours to Make A Difference!

Central Valley, CA: The Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Emergency Water Delivery Act (H.R. 3964), an emergency drought bill, is being introduced to the United States House floor. Congressman David G. Valadao (CA-21), co-chair for the American Sikh Congressional Caucus, will introduce the bill along with Congressman Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) and Congressman Devin Nunes (CA-22). This legislation will provide immediate relief and aid by providing water supplies needed for farmers, farm workers, and families throughout California and the Central Valley.

Congressman Valadao stated, “California is facing one of the worst droughts in history. Congress cannot make it rain, but they can provide relief from burdensome environmental regulations. Today I join Speaker John Boehner, Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, and Congressman Devin Nunes in calling for emergency drought legislation that provides immediate relief for farmers, farm workers, and families in the Central Valley.”

The legislation removes restrictive environmental regulations by: · Restoring water deliveries to families and farmers by codifying the historic, bipartisan State/Federal agreement known as the “Bay-Delta Accord.” · Reforming punitive federal laws and regulations, providing fairness to water ratepayers, promoting transparency and accountability, and saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. · Protecting and securing private property and senior water rights.

You can learn more about the proposed legislation by clicking here.

How Can You Help?- Encourage your Representative to join the Fight!

In February 2012, the United States Senate rejected similar comprehensive water policy reform legislation for California which may have mitigated the current crisis. Previous droughts have cost thousands of farm workers their jobs, increased unemployment in some communities, and destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland.

UNITED SIKHS is working closely with Congressman Valadao’s office to educate the Californian residents on this issue to take appropriate action in order to end the crises. UNITED SIKHS calls on you for help: Staff Attorney and Policy Advocate, Anisha Singh said, ““This is an issue very near and dear to us. Through our UNITED SIKHS Aid directorate, we dedicate our time and efforts to assure that disaster victims around the world are provided the appropriate aid. This is no different. Farmers, farm workers, and families are struggling during one of the worst drought in history and it is our job to make sure our government is doing what it can for its constituency. I ask all members of our community to join our efforts by writing to your congressman today.”

Source: UnitedSikhs.Org

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