Dal Khalsa writes to European Union for Bhullar’s release

Jalandhar, Punjab: Sikh organization Dal Khalsa has written to the European Union, seeking its intervention to save death row convict Devinderpal Singh Bhullar. “We seek the intervention of European Union in exerting diplomatic pressure and raising humanitarian concerns to stop the execution of Bhullar, who is on death row and whose sentence has been confirmed by the Supreme Court,” said the memo sent by Dal Khalsa president H S Dhami to the EU ambassador in New Delhi.

“As India pursues double standards in handling cases involving death penalty, the European Union has a special role to play. On the one hand India promises European country Portugal (in the case of Abu Salem) and Italy (in the recent case of two Italian marines) that Indian courts would not hand over death sentence even if the said accused in respective cases were found guilty of culpable homicide, whereas in the case of Bhullar who was deported from Germany, India was ignoring the requests from the German government to relieve him (Bhullar) from the death penalty on humanitarian grounds,” the letter said.

Source: TOI

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