Dal Khalsa concerned over situation in Haryana gurdwaras

Amritsar, Punjab: Expressing concern over the tension that was gradually building up within the Sikh community over the Haryana Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (HSGMC) issue, the Dal Khalsa has said an internecine feud between the Akalis and Haryana Sikhs could severely damage the interest and cause of the Sikh ‘quam’ and give the Congress and BJP an opportunity to step up interference in the internal affairs of the community.

Party spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh, while speaking at a gathering of party activists at a local gurdwara here on Sunday, said the brewing confrontation if allowed to escalate would have serious fallout in Punjab and elsewhere for one and all. He said ironically, Sikhs were being sandwiched in the ongoing tussle between Punjab and the central government on one side and the Haryana government and the HSGMC (ad hoc) members on the other side.

The meeting was held to take stock of the situation arising out of the HSGMC issue and also to discuss plans related to setting up of new organisational structure at the grassroots level to streamline the party’s functioning and enroll fresh faces in its rank and file. Last week, Dal Khalsa had launched the membership drive after dissolving the present organisational structure in Punjab and abroad.

Taking exception to the SAD plan of launching a ‘morcha’ on the HSGMC issue, Kanwar Pal Singh said the Akalis had never been serious in getting the vexed issues of the ‘panth’ and Punjab resolved. Strangely, after a long gap, Akalis are talking of an agitation, he added.

Source: HT

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