Construction starts for new building of Sikh Gurdwara in Sacramento

Sacramento, California: Sikh Society of Sacramento is managing a Sikh Gurudwara on Bradshaw road for more than 20 years. Management was trying to build a new building to meet requirement for increased Sikh Sangat for the past one decade.

bradshaw_gurdwaraProject had been stalled for many years on one pretext or another. Finally they have approval permit from city to go ahead with new building and project will be overseen by Mukh-Sewadar Lakbir Singh Aujla.

A function was held on May 1, 2016 under a large temporary tent to mark occasion of foundation stone laying ceremony. Many local leaders including representatives from Sheriff Department, City officials and other Public office representatives.

Shabad Keertan was sung by two jathas from Sri Harmandir Sahib. Bhai Sarbjit Singh Laddi’s jatha regaled Sangat with melodious Keertan. This was followed by beautiful Katha by Singh Sahib Bhai Pinderpal singh. His Katha reflected his knowledge of Guru Sahiban’s message in right perspective unlike some other ready made preachers coming out after two years course and preach slander.



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