Connecticut Sikhs Participation In Norwich “Celebrate Diversity” event.

Norwich ,CT USA: Norwich Rotary Club Organized a Event in Norwich Mariana to Celebrate Diversity of Norwich.

This event was one of its kind where there was a wonderful fusion of Food and Culture.

More than 19 Different restaurants participated in that event and one table was also sponsored by Swaranjit Singh Khalsa Member Sikh Sewak Society International in which they distributed Punjabi appetizer. Along with samples of punjabi samosa, the Sikh pastries, members of the local Sikh community handed out pamphlets and answered questions about their religion — the fourth-largest religion in the world with an estimated 500,000 in the United States.

“We’re trying to educate people,” said Swaranjit Singh Khalsa of Norwich. “Everyone can enjoy food for the stomach and enjoy pamphlets for the mind. ? We try to be proactive. August was the second anniversary of the attack on Sikhs in Wisconsin. Education is all we can do.”

Khalsa was also given Best Restaurant award for selling most tickets for event.
Award was presented by State Senator “Cathy Osten” and Event organizer “Bonny Hong”.
Other members of Sikh Community were also present their to help. Swaranjit Singh Khalsa specially thanked Kuljit Singh Khalsa,Jaspal Singh Paul,Manny Singh,Maninder Singh,Manpreet kaur, Sadhu Singh,Harpal Singh Chawla,Jaswinder Kaur Chawla,Guntas Kaur and all other members of Sikh Community to helped to arrange the event and educated people about Sikhism.

When Khalsa was given award he said “This event has provided us a common platform where we all can enjoy good food as well as learn about different cultures. ”

Khalsa Said “We don’t own any restaurant but we will be happy to participate every time as it provide us chance to make people aware about Sikhism. ”

Montville businessman John Wong was given Norwich Diversity Award.

The 85-year-old founder and president of the Chinese and American Cultural Assistance Association and the Chinese American Business Association said event organizers Dr. Ben Hong and Bonnie Hong invited him to come to Wednesday evening’s Celebrate Diversity event at Howard T. Brown Memorial Park in Norwich. When he arrived, the program stated in bold letters “Presentation of the Lottie B. Scott Diversity Award to John Wong.”

“I’ve done quite a bit for the community,” Wong said quietly, “so maybe that’s why they remember me.”

Before getting on stage to accept the award, he lobbied state Sen. Cathy Osten, D-Sprague, for improved home care access for Asian-Americans.

Throughout the event, 18 local restaurants and civic groups offered samples of ethnic food, ranging from Sikh potato and pea pastries to Irish shepherd’s pie, to Thai chicken and rice. For dessert, more than 100 participants could sample cannoli, chocolate macaroons and Turkish and Lebanese baklava.

Debbie Kievits, coordinator of the Greater Norwich Anti-Bullying Coalition, displayed one of dozens of Buddy Friendship benches the group has built in conjunction with Norwich Rotary Community Corps to be placed at local schools and public places. This bench had the word “hello” written in 30 different languages.

Source: SikhChannel.Com

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