Destruction of Punjab Literacy and TOP Education system by British

Amritsar, Punjab: The notion that with the fall of the Sikhs in 1849 the British East India Company ushered in the `modern age` in the Punjab, especially in Lahore, is one that we need to revisit. What went wrong, and ...

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Latest Picture of Professor Devendar Pal Singh Bhullar

Professor Bhullar

URGENT ACTION REQUIRED – EXECUTION IMMINENT AFTER PLEA REJECTED! The Supreme Court of India rejected the commutation plea of Devender Pal Singh Bhullar on 12 April. This verdict could affect the cases of at least 17 more prisoners. Devender Pal ...

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UK Parliamentary Debate ~ “The Death Penalty and Human Rights Violations in India”

UK: The Kesri Lehar petition asking for the Abolition of the Death Penalty in India was debated in the Main Chamber of the House of Commons on Thursday, 28th February 2013. The two and a half hour debate, started with ...

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Who began the violence? The how and why of partition

1947 mid-August

The partition of the Punjab in mid-August 1947 took place as part of a negotiated settlement brokered by the British between the Indian National Congress, the All-India Muslim League and the Sikhs of Punjab to partition India and transfer power ...

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