Campaigning for Phoolka, funny Mann takes jibes at Badal

Ludhiana, Punjab: Villagers termed Bhagwant Mann “Rural Kejriwal” as he reached Narangwal on a tempo for the road show from Sangrur highway to Jagraon on Wednesday.

Villagers followed the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate from Sangrur in hordes even as women left their household work and rushed out of their homes to catch his glimpse.

Mann held the road show in support of AAP candidate from Ludhiana HS Phoolka.
As the cavalcade passed through the huge crowd, villagers raised slogans in favour of AAP candidates, including “Aa gaya vi aa gaya jhaaru wala aa gaya..Chhaa gaya bi chha gaya jhaaru wala chha gaya.”

Beginning his speech with “Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh”, during his a ddres s to t he residents of Narangwal village, Mann asked them to vote for the future and give AAP candidates a chance

to serve them.
Not leaving behind his funny
bone, Mann said, “Hukumat karne walo tum kya jaano, yun kehne ko to murgey ke sar pe bhi AS POLITICIANS TURN YOU AWAY WHEN YOU VISIT THEIR HOUSES, WHEN THEY VISIT YOU TO SEEK VOTES, TELL THEM YOU ARE NOT AT HOME. BHAGWANT MANN, AAP candidate from Sangrur
taaj hota hai (What do you know rulers, even a cock has a crown on its head).”

Terming Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal crazy, Mann said the senior Badal had pasted his pictures on all government schemes like Mai Bhago bicycles, ambulances, social studies textbooks, a nd now he had pasted his picture on utensils. “He doesn’t realise that on April 30, voters would wipe them clean,” he quipped.

He further remarked, “I am aware that whenever people visit politicians’ houses with their grievances, the security guards outside say that Badal Sahib is not at home. So now when Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) or Congress candidates visit you to seek votes, tell them you are not at home.”

While welcoming Mann and Phool k a at Jo d han village, Tarsem Jodhan, for mer MLA of Kila Raipur constituency, said the UPA and NDA government policies were against the common man, so there was a dire need to get a third front in Punjab.

Source: HT

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