Bangla Sahib parking land belongs to NDMC: Sarna

New Delhi: Ownership of Bangla Sahib parking can neither be transferred nor can be disposed of as its land belongs to the NDMC. The allegation for transferring it to the government is baseless, said former DSGMC president Paramjit Singh Sarna.

He said when Prahlad Singh Chandhoc was president of the DSGMC, an agreement between the NDMC and the gurdwara committee was signed for construction of the parking. “When I was president of the DSGMC, I never signed any agreement. It was signed by DSGMC officials.”

When the agreement was signed by the general manager, secretary and general secretary of the DSGMC, Manjit Singh (GK) of SAD (Badal), who is heading the gurdwara committee now, was executive member of the DSGMC. But, he never raised his voice against the agreement.

A spokesperson for the DSGMC, Parminder Singh, said when Sarna was president in 2005, an agreement was signed between the DSGMC and the NDMC that the parking would be transferred to the NDMC after 30 years.

He said the agreement was not justifiable as parking was constructed with the permission of the NDMC. About Rs 100 crore was spent on its construction. Returning it to the NDMC is injustice.

Chandhoc said, “I had signed the agreement, but when Sarna was president, another agreement was signed between the then gurdwara committee and the government. What was in the agreement, I do not know.”

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