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Badal releases mass media propaganda using his channels and Hindu Media Groups

Chandigarh, Punjab: As Sikh organizations prepare for the Sarbat Khalsa to be held in Amritsar on November 10, the ruling Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal) has started their propaganda using state controlled media. They are reaching out to the masses asking them not to attend the activity using various feeble reasons.

Following directions from the central high command conveyed to the state leadership on Friday evening, meetings were held in all districts of Punjab on Saturday where resolutions were passed against the call for Sarbat Khalsa.

In the resolutions, the SAD has termed the gathering called in the name of Sarbat Khalsa as a well-planned conspiracy to belittle the stature of the Akal Takht. “It’s an attempt to make the Sikh community directionless by certain people who are anti-community. The attempt to ruin the community is similar to the one in which the Congress had attacked the Akal Takht with tanks. The congregation called by the anti-Sikh forces is another such attempt,” reads the resolution.

“It’s an attempt by antiSikh forces to divide the community. It’s a planned strategy to spoil the peaceful atmosphere and communal harmony of Punjab,” the resolution reads. Sikh community are asking Badal Camps on “What is peaceful atmosphere?”. Is it where innocent unarmed sikhs getting killed and many unimaginable things happened to the most respected guru of Sikh community – Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee.

As this news is being published, hundreds of Badal camp leaders and workers are going into villages to ask people to avoid meet.

Possible Badal Plans

  1. House Arrest all Pro-Sikh political leaders
  2. Stop and Limit Transportation Buses (Considering Badal Family has full control on buses)
  3. Establish several Nakas (police posts) across Punjab establishing curfew type situation
  4. Deploy thousands of SGPC Task Force around Akal Takht Sahib (Started – Nov 1st)
  5. Using power of Media, Badal will lay blame of “Black Diwali” on Pro-Sikhs. Turning Public reaction against Sikhs are the main motive of State and Central Government.
  6. Blanket ban on Non-biased news reporters and channels

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