Badal Camp now threatening private Bus companies

Public transportation is the best and easy mode of transportation for Punjabis. Badal family knew this for very long time and made millions every month by having many bus companies. Badal Camp also know that Sikhs will use bus transportation to reach the panth call of sarbat khalsa in amritsar. Badal Camp started calling all private bus companies not to ferry Sikh sangat to amritsar. Badal camp is putting pressure on private bus operators and asking them not to provide buses.

Simranjit Singh Mann while addressing press, Its notable that Badal government today asked SAD (Mann) president Simranjit Singh Mann to make a formal complaint if he was facing any problem in hiring private buses to ferry people for the congregation called by him on November 10.

An official spokesman here said there was no question of any District Transport Officer (DTO) trying to influence private bus operators from ferrying any people to the November 10 congregation.

Source: Punjab Spectrum

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