Anti-Sikh genocide: Dal Khalsa seeks UN intervention

Hoshiarpur, Punjab: Alleging that the Union Government has failed to provide a resolution to political conflicts in various regions of the country, Sikh group Dal Khalsa has appealed to the United Nations to intervene.

Dal Khalsa along with hardliner groups of Kashmir, Nagaland and Tamil Nadu has sought a peaceful resolution to the conflicts that give rise to “genocidal pogroms” against the minorities like the one in Delhi in November 1984.

Group spokesman Kanwarpal Singh said a representation to the UN Secretary General submitted at the office of the UN Information Centre stated that the UN had “indicted” the Sinhalese armed forces and the political establishment in Sri Lanka for committing gross human right violations. The UN should probe the mass killings of Sikhs in 1984, he said.

Dal Khalsa head HS Dhami said a copy of the memorandum had been sent to the permanent member of UN Security Council with a hope that they would help the Sikhs get justice.

The memorandum stated that the minorities were entitled to their regional, religious and nationalist aspirations by virtue of their birth, history and legacy.

As per the United Nations charter, it was the duty of the UN to ensure that this right was not denied to them by their respective state.

Seeking regular and systematic intervention of the international body, the memorandum addressed to Secretary General Ban Ki Moon was signed by Kanwar Pal Singh (Punjab), Prof SAR Geelani (Jammu & Kashmir), Harpal Singh Cheema (Punjab), Dr N Venu (Nagaland) and Mr Seeman (Tamil Nadu). It was submitted to Principal Information Officer at UN headquarters in Delhi.

Source: The Tribune

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